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My Fair American

USUK AU that has been on my mind.

No warning except for probably awkward sentences and typos


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"From the start, I knew that it was impossible to reach you with a paper plane"

Another For Campanella  crossover. That update made me literally stop whatever I was doing to draw this akl;sdjf

Scribbled this last night half asleep because I just really wanted some cute awkward usuk. In the end it just turned out awkward <w<;

Happy Birthday Haku!!!~*~*~* ^q^ Keep being a stellar artist haha~!

Arthur as Marik and Al as Bakura because I heard you like those two ohoho 6w6. The most I know about ygo is limited to watching the english ver on Saturday mornings and Little Kuriboh’s ygo abridged series so I hope you don’t mind!


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MEL!!!;;;;; GOMEN FOR BEING LATE BUT I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL DAY! oh god you make me feel so old husbando weeps ancient tears 



A Little Last Minute


A short and sweet, quick USUK drabble for the ever wonderful Chim. Happy birthday! Sorry it’s a bit late, but I hope it suffices. :3

(Wow, I just realized that I wrote this last minute, but it’s also about last minute things as well. Guess I have a running theme here. xD)

— x —

Arthur glanced at the student across the desk for the seventeenth time that minute. He should have been studying, should have been “nose deep inside a book,” as his fellow students would have called it, but it was nigh impossible to concentrate with Alfred F. Jones sitting so damn close.

They were in the library, in a private study room that really only fit two, and for good reason; Arthur could practically feel the heat radiating off of the bespectacled blond in what seemed to be quite a startling proximity. He could see the gentle glistening of those succulently red lips, could admire the naturally curved eyelashes atop those glassy blue eyes, could observe the peppering of blemishes upon that otherwise flawlessly tanned skin.

Goddamn, they had been here for two hours already, and Arthur, speed reader extraordinaire, was still only into the second page of his novel for Comparative Lit.

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;////; aHH AKLJF;SKJL Sorry I saw this late! (finals isolation orz) Thank you so much! Uguu they’re so CUTE u///u awkwardly studying~


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