"Arisato Minato, do you value your life? Do you think that your family and friends are important to you?"

This drawing started off as a joke but now I’m kinda really want a Madoka/P3 crossover. Aigis Homura and Minato/Makoto Madoka ahHH

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Weekly doses of Momotarou Mikoshiba keep me alive. I think he currently overrides Nitori as my favorite *wheeze*. 

Hopefully we’ll get some Mikoshiba bros interaction sometime soon! ^q^

Barakamon is a cute and funny series about a calligrapher moving to an island to find his muse. NGL I was lured by the interesting gifs of this series floating around tumblr loll.

Also Hiro looks a lot like a certain character that I really like…MY BIAS SHINES BRIGHT.

He’ll fly without wings.

I’ve spent a good portion of my summer marathoning manga. More specifically, a ton of shounen OTL


a magi fashion illustration fanbook

Hey everyone~ Dunya and I are happy to announce "1001 Nights" a Magi anthology featuring fashion illustration. Magi has a world full of various cultures that is rich with fashion and it is all present in this book, featuring 13 artists and one author.

This is now available for preorder here, and will be shipped after Anime Expo (July 3-5). These books will also be available at Anime Expo, San Japan and Otakon!

USD $15 | 7x10” | 30 pages | full color | perfect bound | 13 artists, 1 author

Anja | Chim | Dunya | Laura | Lishtar | Haku | Kelbora | Kim Quim | Maggie | Naos | Pie | Tea | Tuna  | Yui

\*v*/!! The Magi anthology is hereee! So much amazing art and hard work, thanks guys!

More old-ish Magi fanart. 

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